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The Top 10 Biscuits for Dunking in a Yorkshire Tea

29 May 2019

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It’s National Biscuit day! What better day to settle the great debate of which biscuit has the dunkability factor! As we only want the best, we’ve based our opinions on the nations favourite Yorkshire tea.  We’ve looked at flavours, dunkability and personality…

1. Chocolate Digestive

It’s an oldie but a goldie, the famous Chocolate Digestive has a big name and quite rightly so.  The perfect ratio of chocolate to biscuit makes it perfect for dunking.  A little melted chocolate and a robust enough biscuit to survive at least a 4-second dunk make it a firm favourite for the top spot.

2. Custard Cream

It’s almost 2 biscuits in one with a side of cream or custard however you see it. The strong structure gives it the perfect foundation for a swim in a hot Yorkshire brew.  Findings suggest it can survive an 8-second dunk! Our hero. 


Peter Kay called it many years ago, the Hobnob is a well deserving 3rd place on the dunkability list. Its strength of character allows you to dunk for maybe the first half of Coronation Street without it crumbling under pressure. If you like some crunch with your tea the Hobnob is for you.


Don’t be fooled by its buttery nature, the sizeable shortbread doesn’t shy away from a dunking. The sweet yet sturdy structure will give you a perfect post dunk texture. Whilst you may think a shortbread might be more sensitive than some of its competitor's research has shown it can survive an impressive 11-second dunk! You know what they say, don’t judge a book by its cover…

5. Bourbon

When it comes to chocolate flavoured biscuits, nobody dares compete with the Bourbon. A similar concept to the Custard Cream, this sandwich style biscuit has the perfect backbone for dunkability. If chocolate is your thing the Bourbons should be your go-to dunker, almost as sturdy as the custard cream a 7-second dunk is suggested.

6. Malted Milk

Some may say a surprising choice but the Malted Milk is more of a fighter than you may expect. Surviving a solid 6-second dunk to give you a soft, milky flavoured biscuit. It may be simple yet it provides the perfect addition to the traditional Yorkshire Tea proving sometimes less really is more.

7. Chocolate Chip Cookie

They come in all shapes and sizes but the ethos behind a Chocolate Chip Cookie shines through. Its crunchy texture sprinkled with chocolaty chips give the cookie the perfect combination of crunch with an element of melted surprise inside. We recommend a good 6 seconds to give you the desired texture!

8. Ginger nut

You may think of the Ginger Nut as the Mike Tyson of the biscuit world! It's robust, it's flavoursome- all qualities you can expect from a professional dunker. However, the Ginger Nut is more delicate than you may think; a 3-second dunk will provide you with the perfect biscuit. Don’t get us wrong it could survive longer but for taste purposes, 3 seconds is the ideal.

9. Choco Leibniz

No, we haven’t gone crazy, the impressive 50:50 ratio of chocolate to biscuit, the Leinzbiz offers is something to be admired, but admittedly something you wouldn’t expect to provide great dunking potential. However, it can’t be overlooked, with a thick enough layer of chocolate to survive a dunk, it makes for the perfect biscuit for a quick 2-second dunk to give you that smooth melted chocolate top.  Try it, test it and thank us later.

10. Oreo

It may be a less traditional dunking biscuit but the Oreo still a strong contender. Its American heritage has provided the Oreo with some great skills, its creamy centre and strong sandwich structure gives it at least a 3 second dunking time.


Happy National Biscuit Day!


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