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The 10 Tallest Buildings In Leeds in 2018

30 July 2018

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Earlier this year, development company Parklane announced plans to build a new skyscraper in Leeds City Centre. 

Although news of development work taking place in Leeds is nothing new, this will see the development of Leeds tallest building, redefining the cities skyline. 

With this news in mind, we're taking a look at the top ten tallest buildings in Leeds in 2018.

10 tallest buildings in Leeds

10. Broadcasting Tower - 230ft (70 metres)


One of the most unusual looking buildings in the city, Broadcasting Tower is a university building which makes part of Leeds Beckett University. It houses a number of student flats as well as various faculties of the university. Interestingly, it was named the Best Tall Building in the World in 2010.

9. Cottingley Towers - 236ft (72 metres)

Consisting of twin high-rise towers of rented accommodation on top of a hill in Cottingley, being built in 1971, they were once considered one of the tallest residential buildings in Europe. Whilst being built, it was decided that the flat number 13 would be omitted in order to avoid bad luck!

8. K2 – 243ft (74 metres)

K2 is an unmissable building found in the centre of the city. It began life in 1972, when it was known as Dudley House. It served Leeds City Council workers for many years, until it was left vacant in the early 2000s. It was repurposed for both commercial and residential uses. Interestingly, K2 was home to Leed’s very own Hard Rock Café.

7. Candle House – 246ft (75 metres)

Candle House is situated in the Granary Wharf area of Leeds City Centre, just metres from the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, as well as the River Aire. When walking through the Dark Arches, Candle House certainly stands out, for its unique circular shape and impressive stature. It now houses flats and businesses, including the aptly named Candlebar, which is a Japanese inspired bar and restaurant.

5th. Tower North Central – 253ft (77 metres)

The fifth position in the rankings is shared by two equally tall buildings, standing at an impressive 77 metres. Arena Point, as it is now known as is found at the top end of Leeds City Centre, on Merrion Centre and is next to Opal 3 Tower. It’s used as an office tower.

5th. Park Plaza Hotel – 253ft (77 metres)

Park Plaza Hotel was built in 1966 and was originally used as an office block. In 2004, it was reclad to host the four star Park Plaza Hotel. If we were writing this list in 1966, this building would’ve been right at the top of the list. However, since then, 4 buildings have been built which tower above it. You can find this building opposite the Queens Hotel and adjacent to the entrance of the Trinity Centre.

4. Pinnacle – 260ft (80 metres)

Previously named West Riding House, and standing at a whopping 80 metres, Pinnacle is used as an office block and also houses retail space. It was the tallest building in Leeds for many years, right up until 2005.

3. Opal 3 – 295ft (90 metres)

This impressive 25 storey building is used as student accommodation for people studying at Leeds Beckett University, as well as the University of Leeds. It was constructed in 2007 and, like many of the previous buildings was for a short time, the tallest buildings in Leeds.

2. Sky Plaza – 348ft (106 metres)

Standing at a staggering 37 storeys, Sky Plaza is the world’s second tallest student accommodation buildings in the world, falling short to 17 New Wakefield Street in Manchester. Although Sky Plaza is not the tallest building in Leeds, its roof is, in fact, the highest point in the city centre, as it is built on higher ground than the tallest. It can be seen up to 25 miles away in most directions. It was built from 20017 to 2009.

1.  Bridgewater Place – 367ft (112 metres)

There are few Leeds residents who don’t recognise Bridgewater Place. It’s an unusual looking building, which has earnt it the nickname “The Dalek.” It’s used for a number of purposes, including office space as well as a residential building. As well as being the tallest building in Leeds, it is the tallest building in Yorkshire and is visible up to 25 miles away. It’s currently the 50th tallest building in the UK, and is nearly 3 times smaller than The Shard in London, which stands at over 1000ft.

So there you have it, those are the ten tallest buildings in Leeds in 2018. It will be interesting to see how this list changes in the coming years, when considering the massive amount of development which is taking place across the city. In fact, plans to regenerate Leeds’ south bank will not only see the size of Leeds City Centre double, it will include a skyscraper which stands at 142 metres and will instantly become Leeds tallest building. 


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