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10 of the Strangest Superstitions From Around The World

12 September 2019

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It comes around at least once every year, for the superstitious amongst us Friday the 13th is a day to stay indoors, wrap in cotton wool and avoid the inevitable bad luck that is thrust upon us. 

The fear of the number 13 is thought to date back to the Bible, as Judas was the 13th guest at the Last Supper and went on to betray Jesus. As for the Friday, somewhat contradicting the thoughts of the majority of the modern day society, people have thought of Friday as an unlucky day for hundreds of years, hard to believe we know…

Whether you live in fear of Friday 13th or not, there are many other weird and wonderful superstitions from around the world, and what better day to take a look at them...

1.    Keep your new shoes off the table 

You may have heard the old wives tale ‘never put new shoes on the table’. According to age-old British superstition, putting new shoes on the table is thought to symbolize the death of a loved one and bring bad luck. Nowadays it’s probably just considered bad etiquette. 

2.    Itchy hands mean money 

Ever had an unexplained itchy palm? If it’s the right, according to Turkish belief you’re in luck and can expect money coming your way. The left, however, you might want to stop scratching sharpish, as it’s believed you’re about to lose money.  Ever got an itchy palm before going into a casino? Now you know why… 

3.    Bird Poo is good for you  

It may seem unlucky, but according to Russian superstition, when a bird flies by and chooses you to poo on, you are the chosen one and wealth is on its way. Or maybe just a dry cleaning bill, depending on how you look at it.

4.    Yoyo’s are a no-no 

Yoyo’s were a big part of the British playground for years, but that is not the case in Syria. Syria banned Yoyo’s in 1933 for the fear that they cause drought. It’s safe to safe no drought has been caused by yoyo’s in the UK… 

5.    Goats meat = Goatee 

In Rwanda women strictly stay away from eating goat’s meat in fear that it will make them grow a beard, surely this has stemmed for the term goatee…

6.    Not so Happy Birthday 

If you’re not going to see your friend on their birthday whatever you do hold off the birthday wishes until the day of. According to German beliefs wishing someone happy birthday before the big day invites bad luck to the birthday boy or girl. 

7.    Don’t wear Red in a storm 

In the Philippines, it’s believed that you should never wear red during a storm. The colour is said to attract lightening, upping your chance of being struck. So next time you’re in the Philippines make sure you check the weather before heading out in red.

8.    Never cheers with water 

Germans are big on a cheers with a beer, but when it comes to water it’s thought that if you choose to cheers with your H20 you are actually wishing death upon the people you are drinking with! Moral of the story is - never trust the designated driver.

9.    Never get a Tuesday Trim 

Forget #TransformationTuesday, Indian tradition states that getting your haircut on a Tuesday brings bad luck and not just in the bad haircut sense. 

10.    Don’t Walk Backwards

 We’re unsure on the practicality of this one, but according to Portuguese beliefs walking backwards is a symbol of you showing the devil which way you’re going.  So next time you think of taking a few steps back, make a U turn instead. 

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