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Reasons You Should Choose a University in Leeds 

15 August 2019

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Every year thousands of students leave home with anticipation and excitement as they embark on their university journey in our beloved city of Leeds. With over 60,000 students choosing to call Leeds home, we’ve taken a look at just some of the reasons we believe Leeds should be everyone’s first choice for University! 

The Universities 

It goes without saying Leeds has a lot of choice when it comes to universities. With the University of Leeds, Leeds Beckett University and don’t forget Leeds Trinity University, you’ve got a 1 in 3 chance of getting accepted (winner!). So whether you want to study chemistry, computer science or fashion there is something for everyone here in Leeds.  With the University of Leeds ranking 31st in Europe’s best universities and the others not far behind, you can rest assured you’ll get top class when it comes to teaching and facilities. 
Leeds Beckett University

The Student Suburbs 

Leeds might be one of the biggest cities in the UK but that doesn’t mean you won’t get that community feel the campus universities boast of. The student suburbs in Leeds are something to be admired! Let’s start in Headingley; you’ve got bars, you’ve got pubs and you’ve got more charity shops than you could ever imagine to get all your wavey garms. For that hangover hunger be sure to try one of best kebabs you’ll ever eat at I am Doner or visit one of the fantastic restaurants like the local favourite Jinos Thai. With students making up 60% of the population of Headingley, you’re sure to find some likeminded people to share your university woes with.
As the years go on you might decide to venture closer to the city and, Hyde Park will most likely become your stomping ground. You’ll become a regular in the Hyde Park Hotel and will probably know LS6’s brunch menu off by heart. With transport links from both suburbs giving easy access to the city, you’ll be sure to make all your lectures. And even better, both are on route for the famous Otley Run!

The Amenities 

Where do you start when it comes to amenities in Leeds. We have shopping to rival that of London, nightlife to make even the Geordies jealous and some of the biggest UK events- all on the doorstep of the dales. Whether you’re from a small town and want to experience the hustle and bustle,  or maybe you’re used to city life but fancy a change of scenery, Leeds is your answer!  But don’t panic, if you need some city respite, there are plenty of parks, walks and impressive scenery just minutes away from the city centre including 700 acres of Roundhay Park, to give you a break from the fast-paced life.
Leeds Trinity Shopping centre

The Accommodation 

If we haven’t already mentioned; Leeds is big, and subsequently there is a range of accommodation to choose from across the city! If you’re looking for a shared house look no further than Hyde Park or Headingley, or if you’re looking to be in the heart of all the action, there are plenty of apartments available in the city centre. Depending on which university you go to, there are numerous university-owned halls of residence, so you’ll be surrounded by other likeminded freshers. If you miss the accommodation deadline or don’t get your first choice, don’t panic there are plenty of private halls available, so you’ll always have somewhere to stay! 
Leeds Student Accommodation

The Nightlife 

Let’s be realistic, apart from maybe your course, arguably your main priority when choosing a university is the nightlife. We can categorically guarantee you won’t be disappointed with Leeds’ offering. Whether you want a fancy cocktail (on loan day only), a pint in the northern sun or a messy midweek student night, Leeds quite literally has it all. Don’t believe us? We have a docked boat turned pub and a church taking shape as a club! So no matter what music you’re into, or how skint you might get during the course of the year, there will always be a night out for you. 
If you’re overwhelmed by choice when you arrive in Leeds, don’t panic we’re sure they’ll be a perfectly placed promoter outside your halls just waiting to give you the low down.
Leeds Nightlife

Location & Transport Links

There comes a time in the term where you might just need a weekend break back at the hotel of Mum and Dad. Due to its prime position, Leeds offers excellent transport links to pretty much the rest of the UK. Whether you choose train or bus, you’ll be reunited with your home comforts before you know it. If you’re coming from further afield Leeds Bradford Airport is easily accessible from the city centre and has a number of international flights daily! 
So no matter where you call home, don’t let distance put you off, we’re well connected! 
Leeds Train Station


Unfortunately, it has to be said, no matter how often you eat cereal for dinner, things can get a little tight when at uni… Luckily, everyone is in the same boat, but if you do want a little extra cash to fund those wild Wednesday nights at the SU, Leeds is a great city in terms of employment opportunities. The vast amount of bars, restaurants, cafés and shops provide plenty of opportunity for part-time work to fit around your studies and social life. 

The People 

We might be biased but we think it’s the people that make Leeds the great city it is. If you’re a southerner venturing up North, don’t be surprised when someone talks on public transport. The Yorkshire charm is what makes Leeds the city we know and love. 

So there you have it, just a few of the many reasons why Leeds should be your first choice for university! We have great student suburbs, even better nights out, some impressive sports teams and we’re in the perfect location, what’s not to love? Still don’t believe us? Watch our Choose Leeds video to see the city in all its glory. 

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