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Musicians From Yorkshire - 6 Iconic Artists

31 July 2019

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We’ve taken a look at films filmed in our much loved Yorkshire, now it’s time to congratulate the musical talent from the area. With a long list of successful artists born and bred in Yorkshire, here are just a few of the local heroes.  

1.    Def Leppard

Formed in Sheffield in 1977, Def Leppard were part of the new wave British heavy metal movement. After attending Tapton School in Sheffield, the band’s first gig was in the Dining Hall of Westfield School in Mosborough. The band rose to fame in the early ’80s with their most successful album High ‘n’ Dry, helping them become the first band to have a rock video aired on MTV, a historical moment for the music industry and Yorkshire!  
Def Leppard

2.    The Human League

Sheffield seems to be the home of talented musicians, another global phenomenon to come out of Sheffield is The Human League.  After forming in 1977, the band were later signed by Virgin Records in 1979, before taking the world by storm with their third album ‘Dare’ in 1981. Since 1978 the Sheffield born band have released 9 studio albums and 30 singles, an impressive portfolio for the local band, who originally met as 2 computer operators. 
The Human League

3.    The Beautiful South

Ironically The Beautiful South was formed in The Beautiful North. 1988 saw the start of the iconic pop-rock band formed in Hull. Paul Heaton and Dave Hemingway, originally members of the group The Housemartins released the band’s first album in 1989 ‘Welcome to the Beautiful South’. The band then released a further 9 studio albums and 6 compilation albums, before splitting up due to ‘musical similarities’ in 2007 after what can only be described as a very successful career!
The Beautiful South

4.    Arctic Monkeys

Potentially one of the most successful rock bands of the modern-day, the Arctic Monkeys formed in Sheffield in 2002. After grabbing the attention of BBC radio with ‘Fake tales of San Francisco’ in 2005, the band have gone on to collect 7 Brits awards, been nominated for 5 Grammys, won a Mercury Prize and toured the world. Despite their global success, the Arctic Monkeys often return to their hometown for sell-out gigs in front of a home crowd!
Arctic Monkeys

5.    Zayn Malik

Once 1/5th of the biggest boy bands in the world, Bradford born Zayn Malik has made his home town proud. Whilst growing up in East Bowling and attending Tong High School, Zayn auditioned as a solo artist on the X factor before being put into a boy band formed by Simon Cowell, later known as One Direction. After finishing 3rd on the X factor, the boy band rose to global fame, releasing 5 albums and topping the charts in most countries! After winning over 200 awards, the group took a hiatus, leading Zayn into his successful solo career, taking more of an alternative R&B approach to the music industry. 
Zayn Malik

6.     Kaiser Chiefs

Indie rock band the Kaiser chiefs formed in Leeds in 2000. Originally known as Parva, the band went on to change their name to the Kaiser chiefs in 2003. After meeting at St. Marys Menston Catholic High School, the Kaiser Chiefs went on to release 7 albums and numerous singles. Their ‘Employment’ album sold over 3 million copies and was awarded 3 BRIT awards and an NME award, making for an impressive trophy cabinet for the Yorkshire boys! 
Kaiser Chiefs

Happy Yorkshire Day! 

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