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Morley's Lost Buildings

18 February 2019

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We had a look through the archives to remember the buildings that have been lost to time in Morley and the surrounding area. Most of these buildings had been demolished but a few still stand or there is still a trace of them.  
Some have been wiped out of history completely and very little is known about them at all.

the albert inn  
The Old Albert Inn 
This is the Albert Inn on Albert Road in Morley. We had a look around the road to try and find the remnants of even just the site of where this inn stood but we had no luck as it was demolished in the late 1960's. The Inn was close to the train station and in the picture, you can clearly see a group of men and a dog sat outside the inn having their picture taken. Unfortunately, the occasion is not known so we will leave it to you to decide why there were having this picture taken.   

 the dartmouth arms

The Dartmouth Arms 
This pub once stood on the corner of Victoria Road in Morley. The pub was previously known as the white swan and it closed its doors in 1935 and was later demolished in 1945. We took a look around Victoria Road and we can't find a trace of the Dartmouth Arms. There is not much known about this old pub, as you can see it was a good size but there is no reference to why it was demolished. 

The Rock Inn 
The rock inn site now
The Rock Inn 
The Rock Inn on Albert road was named so after the steep rock face behind it. Above the steep rock face was Morley's first quarry. The site of the parked car in the picture was where Pinder's cottage once stood, it was the job of the Pinder was to return animals that had strayed onto the cropland back to common grazing land. This site was originally called Low Common but was renamed Albert Road in 1866. This is where we believe the original site was, although it has changed significantly and erosion has caused the rock face to lower.  

Toplciffe farm
Topcliffe Farm  
This is a photo of the Barker family outside Topcliffe Farm on Topcliffe Lane in 1864. This is all ten members of the family from Lucy at age 1 and Abraham Dawson Barker aged 42. If you've ever been down Topcliffe Lane you can see that the site is still mostly farmland, it's very rare for farm building of this era to have survived until now so it is unlikely that the building in the picture still exists but if it does  (or remnants of it) please let us know.  

bank street  
bank street in morley now
Bank Street  
This is Yew Tree House it was built on Bank Street in the 1890's by Richard Huntington. Later occupants were... 
  • Miss Dorothy Waller, daughter of poet and musician Edmund Waller. 
  • Timothy Aldred, Minister of the old chapel for 54 years.
  • The Rayner family. 
  • John Swinden. 
  • Misses Green, who owned a clothing shop in Morley Bottoms.
  • Joseph Kirk, a woollen manufacturer of Crank Mills. 
The house was originally known as 78-80 Bank Street and later the 78 was known as Swinden House and 80 as Yew Tree Cottage. The house originally had a stone exterior but some time in the 1900's the exterior was cement rendered. This is how the house looks to this day, we couldn't get that close on google maps but you can see the joining roof of the house.   

With special thanks to Leodis as without we would not be able to give you our historical content of Leeds. 


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