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Kanyu or Kanyu Not Escape?

03 April 2019

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Kanyu or Kanyu Not Escape?

Puzzled for something to do this weekend? We might just have the answer. Escape rooms have become a global phenomenon in recent years. We wanted to escape the noise, and find out more first-hand! Here in Yorkshire, Kanyu Escape in Wetherby is the leading escape room, so we got in touch with them to discover more about their success and this worldwide craze!

What’s more, Kanyu is part of the Manning Stainton Local card, giving cardholders 15% off!

Who currently owns Kanyu and when did you open?

Kanyu’s escape rooms – The Secrets of South Lodge – opened in mid-December 2017 and is owned and operated by leisure activity specialists Bob Schofield and Chris Mackenzie.

What can people expect when they visit Kanyu?

Kanyu Escape offers some of the most immersive and challenging escape rooms in the North of England. Our rooms were designed and created by movie & TV set designers and builders – (Known for Star Wars, Lara Croft, Wolf Hall and Victoria –Fusion LX (Known for Natural History Museum, British Museum, and Chelsea FC visitor centre) helped create our unique puzzles.

If you had to describe your business in three words, what would they be?

Immersive, challenging & fun.

What are the themes behind the escape rooms at Kanyu?

An African theme carries through all our rooms, which feature an adventurer, Sir Henry Cunningham, who made an extraordinary, discover during his 19th century travels in the continent.

What makes you Yorkshires Number 1 Escape Games Centre?

Our rooms have been rated 10th and 11th of the 1500 escape rooms in the UK – and #1 and #2 in Yorkshire and the North East - by the country’s leading escape room bloggers. They’ve played all over the world and have almost 4000 rooms under their belts.

Why do you think escape rooms have grown so much in popularity?

Escape rooms first appeared in Japan in 2007 when a group of computer game designers decided it would be really cool to play their games in the real world. Since then, escape rooms have spread across the world to become one of the most popular recreational activities around. It’s brains not brawn that counts and everyone brings something to the party, this makes escape rooms a fun experience for families as well as groups of friends and colleagues.

Why should people who haven’t visited yet come and say hello and give it a go?

We can only speak with the voice of experience having welcomed around 5000 guests to Kanyu Escape: people love the fun of solving puzzles! You know what they say: You don’t stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing.”

What are your plans for the future?

We are about to open an outdoor game called “Poachers’ Compound” aimed at both younger players – eight to 12 – and so that older players can enjoy a game during fine weather.  The games will have different clues and locks for children and adults. We are also very excited to be developing “Rites of Passage” a new indoor game that will open by the end of the year.

Finally, what do you love the most about Wetherby?

We love our location near Wetherby – great access to the motorway network and a really cool building in South Lodge, the former gatehouse to a long-gone country estate.

Only one question remains… Kanyu escape?

Check out their website for further details at


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