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Easy and inexpensive home cleaning tips

30 June 2019

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Home hacks and deep cleaning secrets to make your home sparkle.

Want to make those daily chores easier and faster? Check out my top five cleaning secrets to cut down cleaning time, so you can ditch the cleaning and put your feet up. 

Easy Home Hacks

1. Make the laundry cupboard neat

Once you have cleaned the bed sheets, fold them up into the pillowcase that matches the set. This way you will always be able to find what you are looking for and the laundry cupboard stays tidy. Easy Peasy.

2. Remove stickers with a blow dryer 

Those stubborn stickers that won’t come off cards, gifts or glasses are easily removed once you give it a quick blast with the hairdryer on a hot setting.

home cleaning basket full of products  
3. Get rid of pet hair on car seats or sofas
Simply lightly spray the seat with water and use a squeegee to collect all the hair up and then vacuum away. This works on any upholstered seats or sofas.

4. White Vinegar in the toilet 

Fill a jar with white wine vinegar and poke a few holes in the lid; remove the cistern cover and place the jar inside the water tank of your bathroom. This will stop you needing to clean your toilet for weeks, just replace the vinegar every three weeks.

Home cleaning, rubber gloves cleaning

5. Restore Wooden Floors

Forget expensive products, nothing brings up wooden floors like a mixture of lemon juice and fabric softener. Add the combination to your mopping water and off you go.   


Deep Clean Hacks: 

Is your home in need of some deep cleaning TLC, take a look at our five tips to an easy inexpensive deep clean. 

1. Pillows 
Taking pillows to the dry cleaners can be expensive so clean your pillows at home using this simple method: 
Wash the pillows two at a time on a hot cycle and out one cup of bleach and one cup of regular detergent. 
 home cleaning

If putting your pillows in the dryer, check the label in case they are synthetic and can be tumble dried. If not put on the radiator overnight.   
If you can tumble dry your pillows, dry them two at a time and put tennis balls inside the drum with them. The tennis balls will stop the pillows losing their shape or bunching up.   

2. Porcelain Sink
If you have a deep porcelain sink in your kitchen is likely to need some TLC after all that washing up. Cover your sink in a layer of baking soda and scrub with a sponge. Pour some hydrogen peroxide on your sponge and scrub again. Leave this mixture on your sink for 20 minutes and rinse off. The sink should be gleaming white and good as new.  

3. Rugs and doormats 
Don't want to fork out for a carpet cleaner? we don't blame you, you can clean your area rugs and doormats easily and cost-effectively with this method.  
Take your rug outside and hose it down until its soaking wet, pour laundry detergent over the rug and use a bristle brush to scrub the detergent in, let it sit for at least 20 minutes and rinse it out with plenty of water to make sure all the suds are washed away. Put the rug over a fence or washing line and let it drip dry until it can be taken inside and put on a radiator. This method does require good weather unless you have access to a garage.  
home cleaning
4. Oven Hobs 
Are your oven hobs in desperate need of a deep clean? Remove the burners from the oven top and wipe them down with water and washing up liquid, then make a paste made from baking soda and water and cover the hobs, leave this mixture on for around 20 minutes. Wash off and let the hobs dry, they will be good as new. 

5. Shower Heads 
For this method, you will need, a large sandwich bag that comfortably fits around the head of your shower, a heavy duty rubber band and white vinegar. Fill the bag full of vinegar and attach to the shower head. Leave this on for at least 1 hour, not only will your shower head be sparkling it will also have broken down any limescale stuck inside the shower head. Keep the vinegar if you can and add washing up liquid to deep clean your toilet brush.  

What cleaning secrets do you swear by?

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