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DIY Quirky Coasters!

04 September 2017

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Britain is a nation of tea drinkers, in fact according to, over 165 million cups are drunk each and every day, that’s more than twice the entire population of the UK. In turn, this makes drinks coasters an extraordinarily popular item, and with their simple design, they’re often a blank canvas, allowing tea and coffee lovers to express their creativity and add a unique flair to their coffee/diner tables.

With this in mind, we’ve put together these guides, which will allow you to show off your creative side and create some totally unique, eye catching and DIY coasters!

Painted Wood Coasters

From Unoriginal Mom

These simple, yet striking coasters are easy to make and would look brilliant on any wooden coffee table. They’d fit in well with any fans of rustic style!


·         Wood slices (cut your own, find at a craft store, or find on Amazon here)

·         Silhouette Portrait or Cameo and vinyl – OR – a stencil from the craft store

·         acrylic paint and brush

·         polyurethane varnish

·         thin cork or felt




Firstly, you’ll need to choose the design which you’d like to see on your coaster. You can be very creative with this and anything that can be silhouetted, from words to wildlife can be painted onto the coaster.

Creating the stencil is the most difficult part of the process. The easiest way to do this would be to use a silhouette printer, but if you don’t have one of those, you could sketch or print a silhouette on to a piece of thin card, and use a craft knife to cut out the silhouette – steady hands and adult supervision required!

After you have your shape cut out, simply position this on top of the piece of wood and apply your chosen paint (again, you can be as creative as you like with this.)

After you’ve applied the paint, remove the stencil and allow it to dry.

 Following this, use the polyurethane varnish, which will make the surface waterproof.


After that, allow the varnish to dry. Take the thin cork/felt and cut out an area slightly smaller in size that the size of the wood, simply glue this to the bottom and your coasters are finished!

Mini Pallet Coasters

Recent trends have seen the use of Pallets in home decorating become popular. Originally meant to allow easy movement of stock in industry and retail, these dynamic items are rustic looking and can be adaptedinto a variety of items! In this tutorial, it’s coasters!


·         Ice Lolly Sticks

·         Coffee/Tea

·         Hot Glue Gun

·         Silver Pen

To start with, cut off the round ends of the ice lolly sticks. To achieve a more authentic wooden look on the sticks, simply boil up a bowl of either coffee or tea and place the sticks in to soak for five minutes, this will stain the sticks, take them out and allow them to dry naturally or use a hairdryer for a quicker result.

Next, using your glue gun, glue the outer frame together (see third set in the image.)

After this glue the rest of the wooden sticks on to the frame as above.


To finish off the coaster, simply take a silver pen and draw on two dots at the ends of each “plank” to make it look like they’re nailed together. After this, you’re done! Allow the glue to dry and enjoy your new coaster!

Scrabble Tile Coasters

·         1 large package of Scrabble Tiles

·         Super Glue

·         1 thin cork board

·         Sharp scissors or an X-acto knife

·         Clear Polyurethane spray


These scrabble tile coasters are extremely customisable, and you can write any four letter words on them, making them a really nice, gift able item which can be customised to your hearts content.

Creating these coasters couldn’t be simpler. Firstly, plan out your four letter words, anything from a name to a favourite drink can work well, you can get pretty creative here!

Then, take your thin cork board an position the letters in a square accordingly, using super glue to hold them to the board.

After this step is done, allow the letters to dry for an hour and then cut around the square.


Following this, spray the coaster with Polyurethane spray, which will give it a nice finish as well as protecting it from spillages etc.


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