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5 Ways to Add Value to your Home

09 May 2019

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Are you looking to sell your property? There are plenty of ways to add value to your home to potentially increase the selling price. We’ve taken a look at some key ways you can add value to your property big and small. Before drafting in the builders, speak to your local Manning Stainton branch for a FREE home valuation and make sure the potential profits to any planned work will outweigh to cost to make the best investment choices!

1.       Kit out your kitchen

You’ve probably heard it before- the kitchen is often described as the heart of the home, making it a crucial selling point or put off point for any potential buyers. A kitchen is a multifunctional space and the interior must reflect that. Depending on space, kitchens are often a place for hosting, cooking and general family gatherings, so make sure your kitchen is up to scratch. Hygiene is top of most peoples priority lists when it comes to a kitchen, so don’t let your units look run down or unintentionally shabby. If you want a quick fix simply replace your cupboard fronts and worktops alongside a lick of paint. If you’ve got a little more money to spend, take a more drastic kitchen refit, try adding a breakfast bar or island as a focal point. However you choose to improve your kitchen remember lighting is key, a well-lit kitchen instantly creates a warmer more inviting atmosphere for all activities, if you haven’t already, look at installing spotlights to give an evenly lit room.

NOTE: Think dishwasher- for many busy modern families not having a dishwasher can be a deal breaker and should definitely be a consideration when looking to improve your kitchen.

2.       Brighten your Bathroom

Much like the kitchen, a worn down, tired looking bathroom can be a real turn off to buyers. A bathroom is a place to be clean so make sure yours is sparkling. Many modern bathrooms follow the look of all white everything; this is an easy way to make your bathroom look fresh and modern and please a larger audience, without giving too much thought into this season’s Pantone! But if you do decide you want a little more character in your beloved bathroom, add some statement accessories or a change up your tile colour. It goes without saying if you want to improve the look of your bathroom give it a coat of paint, also look at changing taps, shower and light fittings to give it a new overhaul without a huge cost.  Again if you want something a little more drastic look at the layout of your bathroom, would you benefit from a shower instead of a bath to create a more practical space?

Note: Shower curtains can be a huge turn-off, consider a shower screen or as a minimum replace your old curtain.

3.       Work on the Kerb Appeal

You may have heard that it’s what is on the inside that counts, but when it comes to houses the exterior is the first thing to greet your potential buyers, so it’s crucial to make a good first impression. The kerb appeal of a property can be the make or break for a buyer. Lucky for you there are plenty of quick fixes that can make your property the best looking house on the street! Firstly consider your door; it’s easy to go years without paying the door a little TLC, even though we undoubtedly use it every day. Giving your door a lick of paint will instantly make your property more inviting, why not update dated looking door handles whilst you’re at it, this will make your home look more secure, an instant benefit to any potential buyers. Kerb appeal can also be improved just by fixing any broken path tiles, adding a few plant pots here and there - probably all those odd jobs you have never quite got round to. 

NOTE: Replacing your window frames can drastically improve the look of a property, whether it’s just updating the paintwork or a full window replacement.

4.       Increase liveable square footage

Less isn’t always more especially when it comes to selling your property, increasing the square footage of your property can add unlimited value to your home. Adding space doesn’t have to mean an expensive extension eating away at your garden space, work with the space you already have. If you have a loft storing old clothes you haven’t worn since the 90’s maybe it’s time for a clear out. A loft conversion will not only add another bedroom to your home it can potentially increase the value of your property by up to 15%.  If you don’t have a loft but you do have a cellar/basement don’t panic! Converting your basement into an second living space, kids play room or even a home cinema can add up to 30% extra value to your home!

NOTE: If you have off street parking and a garage why not consider converting your garage into a utility or extra living space, many people would value the additional home space over a garage.

5.       Fix up

It may seem simple but little cracks, damp patches or broken tiles often become part of the furniture and end up overshadowed by our busy day to day lives. Be warned when the beady eye of potential buyers enter your home, these minor faults might be the first thing they see. Anything that could cause a potential extra expense to the buyer in years to come will instantly put them off making an offer, so fix the problem before they arrive! Damp especially will show up in any surveys which could make your property difficult to sell. Even minor details such as peeling paint, broken door latches or dripping taps can be a potential deal breaker despite their simple fixes. So don’t put them off any longer!

NOTE: Replacing electrical sockets and taps can be another way of sprucing the look and appeal of your home.

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